The program Recovery Toolbox for OneNote has saved a large number of files with the .tmp extension. I cannot open these files with any program. What can I do with these files?


When restoring records from a damaged Microsoft OneNote database, files that are missing information may be found. That is to say, Recovery Toolbox for OneNote restored the file, but there is no data about the file name and its extension. In some cases, the program can automatically identify its type by the content of the file and set the correct extension for the file. If automatic identification of the file type is not possible, the file receives the extension .tmp.

In these cases, the user can manually change the extensions for such files. To do so, the user must:

  1. Open the file – filelist.txt stored in the folder. This file contains a list of possible extensions for saved .tmp files in the current folder
  2. Change the file extension to the first in the list
  3. Try to open the file with the changed extension with the corresponding program

If the file opens successfully, the extension is changed correctly. Otherwise, go to step 2 and use the following extension from the list in the file – filelist.txt.