Fast recovery of damaged OneNote records with Recovery Toolbox for OneNote

Any kind of data corruption is a serious problem, but when it comes to your personal information or information you work with on a daily basis, things can get even worse. If you use OneNote as your primary note-taking tool on a regular of tablet PC and you are facing the problem of a damaged OneNote file, you should definitely try Recovery Toolbox for OneNote (download).

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Recovery Toolbox for OneNote is a compact recovery tool for damaged OneNote data files. Featuring a simple and intuitive wizard-based user interface, this software enables users with minimal computer skills to successfully restore notes from corrupted .ONE (OneNote) files. Using the program is extremely easy: select a damaged file, let the program analyze its structure and attempt data recovery and see the results! As you see, you won't have to drill down the file structure yourself and decide which records can and should be restored and which ones have been damaged irrecoverably - the program will do it all automatically.

OneNote recovery program

The recovery process in Recovery Toolbox for OneNote consists of several simple steps. The first step allows you to specify the damaged file you want to recover data from. This can be done in several ways. To select a damaged file, type its name and path into the input field located in the center of the program Window or use the standard Windows open file dialog. You can also select one of the previously used files from the dropdown list that can be opened by clicking a small button with a downward arrow in the right part of the input field. Once you're done entering the file name, you can proceed to the next step by clicking the Analyze button at the bottom of the window. The OneNote recovery program will prompt for a confirmation and will start analyzing the contents of the file once you give it a green light.

Recovery for OneNote 2007

The second step is almost completely automated. The software analyzes the structure of the file and outputs a list of detected recoverable images. Their number and total size are shown under the list. You can check/uncheck items on the list manually or use the Check All / Uncheck All commands from the popup menu that appears when you right-click anywhere on the list. Once you've made your selections, click Next to proceed to the next step of the process. The program can recovery for OneNote 2007 files.

OneNote data recovery

At this point, you will need to specify the name and location of the output folder that will be used for storing the recovered data. Similarly to specifying the name of the damaged file, this selection can be made in one of the three ways (see above). Please note that the DEMO version DOES NOT save recovered files. To remove this limitation, please purchase the full version of the OneNote data recovery program.

OneNote repair fails

Once the files have been recovered and saved to the specified destination folder, Recovery Toolbox for OneNote shows a summary screen with detailed information about this recovery session. How to fix OneNote repair fails? You can now quit the program by clicking the Exit button or go back to the file selection step using the Back button.

Recover OneNote files from hard drive

If the file you recovering has been damaged so badly that Recovery Toolbox for OneNote fails to detect any recoverable elements in it, you can email it to the program's creators and have them look at it. To do that, use the Send source file command from the main menu. Upon receiving your request, our developers will analyze the content of the file and will try to recover it manually. Once done, they will contact you and report on the results of their attempt. They will also use this opportunity for enhancing the recovery algorithms used by Recovery Toolbox for OneNote. Software can recover OneNote files from hard drive and via network too.

OneNote file recovery toolkit

Since OneNote is a popular note-taking tool with an ever-growing user base, more and more people use it daily as an alternative to conventional paper notepads and colonies of Post-It's framing their monitors. Sudden loss of this information may have far-going negative consequences for many users and the possibility of such incidents is quite high. A sudden power failure, a hardware malfunction, a virus attack or other factors can affect the integrity of your MS Office and OneNote installation, thus making you inefficient for an undefined period of time. While you cannot completely avoid such situations, you can secure an efficient remedy for their consequences. Recovery Toolbox for OneNote is a reliable OneNote file recovery toolkit that will restore information from damaged OneNote file in no time!

Note: Recovery Toolbox for OneNote do not repair content of password protected Microsoft OneNote .one or .onenote files.

Requirements: Windows 98 or above

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